As a response to the last months of isolation, we asked our community to explore the theme of ‘I still am’ in our latest call for submissions. Here is the first part: ‘I Still Am: Caged.’

Below you can read ‘Caged’ by Nelli Molfenter and enjoy visual art by Victoria Gong, Roland Wegerer, Mathilde Haro, Daria Wolańska, June He, and Nazli Ates. The header image is created by Katalin Száraz.


I Still Am: Caged


Caged in
Wires within my woven skin
Organs stuffed and veins oozing
Substances streams flowing through me
Velvet, satin, tulle, the textures within
And without
Ever so slightly upon my flesh 

I Still Am: Caged
I Still Am: Caged
I Still Am: Caged

Puddles in unfinished concrete floors
Hair so wet it forms into thick ropes that cling to my globe
Colloquial, colossal, consequence,
In conversation
with oneself
Eyes clouded by droplets of rain
Steps falling
Living and Enticing
Like ice that thaws
As the raw rain droplets tripple down
Wrinkles and ripples
Guiding the streams like valleys

Jaw clenching-ly aggravating
An exhale without an inhale to follow
Fog filled eyes that got blind from seeing too much
The sagging bags of skin, a canvas that was stripped
replaced and stripped many times
Loosing pigment
Loosing sight
Blinded by lights
A glass washed, drunken out of
Washed, and eventually dropped
Ending up in a cold tin, unable to be filled
Single pieces scattered
They remain in the whole but not as a whole
Wandering to new destinations
like the Gum invested pavement
Or the with dog shit bombarded grass-patch
three blocks down.

My skin still tight around the bones
plump and pink
round and scarless
mind still wireless
no walls built
no fences
And paved In concrete floors
Fixed set in stone
Like dried gum that has been molded into the ground
By all the combat boots that beet it black and blue
Easier to stay and mold
Rot and slowly disintegrate
No space to negotiate
Just disintegrate
As time ticks and laptop keyboards click
As people come closer on screen
Yet farther in reality
As it is easier to mold
As this body is old
And this mind it tired
And these bones they mold
Into the pavement
no engagement
Caged in 

Caged by Nelli Molfenter

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