Lucky for us, the start of another week means more exciting projects. We’re sharing some of our favorite projects this week on ARTCONNECT — from photo series to sound art, jewelry design and a self-isolation monologue.


by Melanie Ziggel

A project about light, color and the feeling.

favorite projects on artconnect april 20-26


by Daniel Bryden

Bodies is a piece of music created from erratic machines and manipulated, deformed human voices; combining elements of noise and electronica with the shattered fragments of pop.

The piece considers the many meanings of the word ‘bodies’- what it means when bodies are together, bodies as touches, love, friendship. Bodies as part of a wider construction; bodies as euphoria, as belonging, as being part of something bigger. Bodies as being rejected from this construction, bodies as one glance destroying the entire, beautiful being. Bodies as intrusion, as pressures, as rights. Bodies as something else entirely. Read more about this project.

Listen to Bodies.

favorite projects on artconnect april 20-26

Problematico, Dramatico, Complicado… Or Self Isolation DAY 26

by Hanna Schaich

Hanna Ejaculating Thoughts. An Internal Monologue (During Shut Down). 13.04.2020. Watch the video.

favorite projects on artconnect april 20-26

Be Careful, It’s Poisonous

by Luca Krisztina Ujvári-Zsiga

In this work Luca Krisztina Ujvári-Zsiga used a contrast between two materials; the soft and protective sponge and the heavy and poisonous lead. The lead can be deadly in contact with the skin, but the sponge can protect it, embrace it against the toxic metal by keeping it away from the living skin. Right now we have a very similar contrast; the deadly virus and the embracing unity, and our task is the same too; protect the living, keeping a distance.

favorite projects on artconnect april 20-26

Into the Blue

by Caren Arai

A photo reportage on a solo journey in the blue Portugal.

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