We have looked through our ‘Discover’ page and found some new favorite projects. In this week’s selection, you’ll see photographic works, an installation, a mixed media piece, and paintings.


by Maik Gräf

About the project

A queer desire and longing.
Analog photography and drawing.

About the artist 

Maik Gräf is a visual artist from Hamburg. His work revolves around the topics of identity, emotionality and sensibility. The sensitive surface of analog photography forms the basis of his work.

Favorite Projects: 5 – 11 October

Tender‘ by Maik Gräf


by Wanda von Bremen

About the project 

The project “Holisis” talks about common perceptions and associations of beauty and decay and supports the concept of eternal interdependency within nature as a whole. Emphasizing the diversity of nature, Holisis allows the viewers to investigate the commonly ignored and unseen organisms and creatures as necessary parts of the interconnected ecosystem. It explores the tactile interaction with organic forms and natural organisms as a direct and intimate connection with the environment. Things deemed “hideous” – flies, algae, dead and decay find a place in this work.

The approach is based on overcoming disgust, to observe in detail, and in this way to uncover the beauty of nature. It is important that the audience can discover its own experience/connection with the different elements of nature so they experience the project on a sensory level.

Current times show us decision-making should go further than just considering the individual. I want to come out of this crisis with new solutions to building a more sustainable future hoping my project can contribute by allowing us to see a bigger picture of our environment.

About the artist

From Berlin, Germany, Wanda von Bremen is a 25-year-old photographer focused on environmental issues and nature destruction. After receiving her Bachelor of Science she worked as an ecologist in various places such as Costa Rica, Madagascar and Chile.

Influenced by these experiences Wanda started combining her conservation background with her artistic passion. She draws from these experiences to create whimsical pictures full of visceral elements. Her visual imagery gives space to the concept of interdependence. It emphasizes the diversity of nature and dispel the negative perception of earth’s mostly unseen elements.

She recently graduated from the New Media Program of the International Center of Photography in New York.
Wanda believes in change, she is an active and curious person engaging with political movements and intercultural organizations.

Favorite Projects: 5 – 11 October
Favorite Projects: 5 – 11 October


by Tina Oelker

About the project 

Heracles-Pilot, oil on canvas, 153 x 153 cm
25 Farben Stockholm
About hares and gods, this painting presents Heracles

About the artist

Tina Oelker, born December 1973 lives and works in Hamburg since 1995.

1989 she took classes in modern painting in her home town of Hamm-Westphalia. Shortly thereafter, she worked with an Italian avant-garde in Portofino. Afterwards she studies illustration, painting and design in New York and Hamburg. During her student days, she opened her first producer gallery in Hamburg with the „Schützenfest“ (marksmen’s festival). In 2004 she graduated with the motive of the hare. The hare will have her oeuvre open to the public in 2007 and 2010 – 2015 in the Hasenmanufaktur at the port of Hamburg. The Hafentor7 is her second producer gallery, which celebrates the crowning conclusion with the Schützenfest-Reloaded shortly before the house is demolished. Tina Oelker then devotes herself to poetry and abstraction and publishes „Das Leporello“ in 2016. Since the end of 2017, Oelker has been organizing regular social evenings at her studio, where visitors actively participate in art and become part of the game. The first Magazineforthearts will follow in 2018 by bundling and exploring content both verbally and visually. In 2019 the second Magazineforthearts N ° 01.235 and the abstract series 25 Colours Stockholm will appear. In 2020 Tina Oelker gets the hare out of the hat again and continues the project in large format.

Acupuncture of Exhibition Space


About the project  

The Acupuncture of Exhibition Space Project took place on 29.5.-3.7.2019 at FaVU Gallery in Brno. The exhibition consisted of approximately 60,000 nails nailed to the 117 m² gallery walls (three connected rooms), along with the dropped plaster, which was a by-product of the installation process and from a hidden subwoofer that amplified noise of the street next to the gallery.

Acupuncture of Exhibition Space is a metaphor of the gallery space as an independent actor, organism, and its stimulation. It works with space as an accumulation unit in the network, as well as with the network itself. The initial starting point of the project refers to the theory of French sociologist Bruno Latour. The actor-network theory, known simply as ANT, involves not only people, but also objects, organizations, and concepts. ANT is based on the concept of a heterogeneous network of actors in mutual material and semiotic relationships. Latour is trying to explain how (not so why) the actors in this network have come together to act as a whole. ANT argues that every actor, whether a person, an object, an organization or a concept, is equally important to the network.

About the artist/org. 

INSTITUT INSTITUT is an intermedia art group and civic association based in Slovakia and Czech republic which brings together protagonists of different expressions and media in discussion, critique, research and contemporary art with an aim to support the creation and presentation of individual and group projects.

Down Stairs

by James Hallinan

About the project 

A visual expression of the past and present and there affect on your engagement with society.

About the artist 

James Hallinan has recently exhibited in Europe and the Americas. His work deals with the psychological effects of trauma on the human mind and body. The core themes deal with the impact of this physically and emotionally. Hallinan work examines this from the perspective of cause and effect, specifically looking at the impact of trauma on our engagement with society, his work strives to visually interpret this. By expressing, what are for the most part private emotions, with the audience; there is a want to evoke a sense of understanding and connection from the viewer and hope they can project themselves and their experience onto his pieces.
Favorite Projects: 5 – 11 October

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