Thank you to everyone who participated in our call for digital media — we received many exciting submissions! Here’s the second and final installment in our article series featuring selected projects.

In part two, the focus is placed on human relations in the digital age. The projects look at how we relate to ourselves, to other humans, machines, and environments. And changing ideas of connection, communication, intimacy, and privacy that go along with it.

Featured projects include animations by Nao Sakamoto, Logan Drake Bruni, Carlos Laviña and Lucia Lopez; VR game by Ellina Gennadievna; digital images by Ibuki Kuramochi and Islam Allam; performances by Filipe Vilas-Boas and Ann Schomburg; social experiment/dating show by Lindsay Gilbert; digital choreography by Betty Pomerleau; and a podcast by Beatrix Joyce. The artwork in the header is a 3D animation by Lova Ranung.

For even more digital media projects, also check out part one: Digital Media: Welcome to Downtime.