Community Guidelines

ArtConnect is a professional networking platform for artists and art organizations around the world to showcase their own work, discover new opportunities, and connect with each other. 

It is a fundamental part of our mission to improve the professional lives and careers of artists and maintain a platform that supports transparency, authenticity, accessibility, and professionalism. 

These community guidelines are here to help you make the best use of all that ArtConnect has to offer. 



As a member of ArtConnect you agree to be:

  • Authentic – genuine about yourself and your work 
  • Original – make sure you only post your own work or that of your organization
  • Accurate – make sure all of the information you provide is accurate and up to date, including how to get in touch and links to your website
  • Professional – ArtConnect is a network of professionals so provide relevant professional experience and accomplishments
  • Relevant – ArtConnect is for artists, cultural managers, curators, and arts and cultural organizations
  • Detailed – the more complete your profile is the more likely it is to get noticed. This means having a profile image, adding projects to your portfolio, and telling us about your own website or other links to your work. 

That means:

  • No blank profiles – if your profile is missing an image or has an incomplete description it may be disabled or deleted
  • No fake profiles or spam – we have a zero tolerance policy for irrelevant sign ups or mass posting. These profiles will be deleted immediately and may be banned from the platform.

Opportunities must be:

  • Complete – provide detailed information about what artists can expect by participating. Who is eligible, what is the selection process and criteria, and who is involved.
  • Transparent – be honest and upfront about what you are offering and how much it costs. State any application or participation fees upfront and explain what they are used for.
  • Reputable – only opportunities that are offered by professional organizations and that provide real value for artists will be accepted.
  • Serious – represent your organization in a professional manner. Include a logo or other representative and professional image in your profile, describe what type of organization you operate. Make sure the profile name is your organization name so that it is clear who is providing the opportunity. 
  • Genuine – tell us something about who is behind your organization, how it started, how it is supported and what is the mission.

That means:

  • Application and participation fees must be justified and fully explained
  • Absolutely no scams. Our curators investigate each opportunity and evaluate it. 
  • Opportunities must be specific for artists
  • Priority will be given to funded opportunities and grants that support artists

Please note that we take these community guidelines and quality standards very seriously. All profiles and posts (opportunities, projects and events) are subject to review and any that violate these guidelines or fail to meet quality standards may be deleted. 




As a member of ArtConnect’s community we expect you to be honest about your accomplishments and use our platform to share accurate information about yourself and your work. That means that we don’t allow fake profiles or profiles that impersonate other people or organizations, appear deceptive or misleading, or provide inaccurate or incomplete information that can’t be verified. 



Be professional about what you choose to share and how you choose to share it. Provide complete and accurate information about yourself and about your projects so that you can actively contribute to our professional network for artists and art organizations. 



ArtConnect’s profiles are for artists, cultural managers, professionals working in visual arts or culture, and arts or cultural organizations. Make sure that your profile and posts are related to fine art. It is a platform to showcase your portfolio of fine art, detail your professional accomplishments and build your network. ArtConnect is not a space to sell products or services. You can find more information about what types of opportunities we consider relevant in the following sections. 




ArtConnect is a platform for you to represent yourself or your organization. All of the information you provide must be accurate and authentic. You own the content that you share so make sure to post authentic works that you have the right to post publicly. Don’t post anything that you didn’t make yourself or that you have copied from other places on the Internet. 

For artists that means any artwork or projects you upload must be your own original work. For organizations, you must have the rights to publicly share the artworks, credit the artists, and demonstrate a legitimate and ongoing relationship with the artists whose work you represent. Don’t upload any images, artworks, or projects that you aren’t involved in. If you want to show appreciation for other people’s work, you can find them on ArtConnect and like or follow their work. 



Use ArtConnect to create professional connections, build relationships and grow your network. 

It is important to respect the diversity of members on ArtConnect. We actively strive to promote an environment where diverse voices, opinions, and perspectives on art are welcome. 

Please be respectful and professional when commenting or communicating with other members. That means thoughtful opinions and critiques are welcome as long as they are relevant, on-topic, considered, and constructive. They should be open for discussion and intended to create a dialogue among members. Don’t use the comment feature or messaging feature to harass or spam other members or exclusively for self-promotion to your profile, project, or to promote external links.

Any content or comments that contain threats, hate speech, or messaging that degrades or shames specific groups or individuals will be removed. Mass posting, commenting, and messaging is considered spam and will not be tolerated. 



ArtConnect is committed to providing clear and detailed information through relevant content that is related to the arts and visual culture. In order to do that, we work hard to limit the spread of spam and will delete any profiles or posts that are deemed by our curators and content moderators as spam, inappropriate, or offensive content. We will prevent any posts that abuse our platform or violate our terms of service, especially those that seek to artificially increase viewership or distribute content en masse for commercial gain. 

To avoid having your content considered spam:

  • Prioritize transparency and authenticity: fill out profiles and make posts with detailed and accurate information.
  • Do not create fake profiles or profiles for products or services that are unrelated to art or visual culture. 
  • Don’t create profiles or posts, or engage with content either manually or automatically at very high frequencies.


Posting Guidelines


ArtConnect believes in providing a platform for professional artists to discover high-quality opportunities that will enrich and enhance their careers and creative life. 

We emphasize opportunities that create value for artists, are transparent about the costs and have expectations and outcomes that lead to benefits for professional artists. That means that open calls or residencies with prohibitively high application fees or costs may not be suitable for ArtConnect. Costs and fees should be declared upfront and clearly justified and explained from the perspective of the artists. Grants that provide support for artists and funded opportunities will be featured more prominently.  

Deadlines and submission guidelines must be clearly stated as well as a website and contact person for questions and further information. Only post about each opportunity once. If you need to change any information you can log in and update the existing post. Repeat posts of the same opportunity will be deleted.

Find out more about how we define and evaluate the quality of opportunities here.



You are welcome to share any events that are related to contemporary visual culture. We interpret visual culture broadly to include various types of creative practices related to art. 

Events such as art openings, exhibitions, lectures, artist talks, screenings, and workshops related to art are clearly within the scope of events that are suitable to post. In addition, online art events and activities, temporary exhibitions, pop-up art spaces, art festivals, art fairs, studio visits, and open studios are also relevant and suitable. 

Events can be added by institutions, galleries, non-profit spaces, project spaces, independent and artist-run spaces, curators, cultural managers, and event producers. 

Please use good judgement when adding your event. Is it broadly related to visual culture and interesting to an audience interested in art? 



Projects are your chance to showcase your artwork. Each project can contain up to 10 images or audiovisuals along with a description. You can think of a project like a series of works that relate to each other or were completed around the same time and for the same purpose. 

Upload as many projects as you like. Each project will become a part of your portfolio and will be visible from your main profile. You can also like other projects or share your own project. 

Keep updating your profile with more projects to give ArtConnect and its members the opportunity to get to know more about you and your work. Each time you upload a new project it will also reach a new audience by appearing to visitors and in search results.



Event and opportunity posts should be as detailed as possible, providing the necessary information in a clear manner, and should also be connected to a complete and informative organizer profile. Make sure to include all important details: including dates, deadlines, and relevant times (also note whether it is recurring or ongoing), information about the organizer, participating artists and venue, clear and detailed description of the program and expectations, whether registration is required beforehand, and whether there is an entrance or application fee, etc. 

To make event and opportunity posts stand out and reach and engage a broad audience, a good-quality header image should be included. And also make sure to provide links to the organization, venue, application, or participating artists, accordingly. 

Accessibility and access provisions for the event should be made clear, and should be as specific as possible. 

Our curators and content moderation team will assess the relevance of events added and if necessary will remove any events that don’t fit within our broad interpretation of visual culture. 



ArtConnect is a platform for professionals in the art world to connect with each other and discover new opportunities. Following these guidelines will help you to get the most out of your experience and help us to create a community that builds value for all of our members through professional relationships. 

In order to maintain an environment that upholds our standards of quality, professionalism, authenticity, transparency, and accessibility, our team reserves the right to modify, or delete posts or profiles that violate these guidelines. Repeated offences may result in being blocked from using ArtConnect’s services altogether. 

If you think your post or post or profile may have been deleted by accident please contact us at



ArtConnect user profiles and posts are not intended to advertise products or services outside of the scope of original artworks, events, activities, or opportunities for artists as defined above. If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise with ArtConnect and you think it would be relevant to our members please get in touch with us at to discuss the options. 


Enjoy ArtConnect

We hope that you enjoy using ArtConnect to find opportunities, events, and art organizations, making new connections that enhance your artistic life and professional career. 

– The ArtConnect Team