Art Fundraisers

Initiatives by and for Cultural Organizations

We all need a little bit of help sometimes and now more than ever. Art and cultural spaces face an existential threat due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent ban on public events for the foreseeable future. Supporting cultural organizations, big and small, will help ensure that they are able to continue to offer space for the creation and development of new art in post-crisis Berlin. 

How can you get involved and help support Berlin’s art scene? Let me count the ways — or better yet, here is a list of initiatives by and for cultural organizations that you can contribute to right away. 



For all those who need publicity to survive, Berlin(a)live offers a digital stage for art and culture, where artists and projects can be supported directly by donation.


This project by Between Bridges — a foundation established by Wolfgang Tillmans — supports cultural and music venues, community projects, independent spaces and publications existentially threatened by the current crisis. Posters designed by international artists are printed and distributed free of charge to organizations in need, for use in funding campaigns.


Berlin galleries have joined forces to create BerlinViews, a website present­ing over 25 galleries and gallery models. The website is an initia­tive to promote the visi­bil­ity of art in Berlin and strengthen the soli­dar­ity of the gallery scene in response to our current times.

Niemand Kommt, Alle Sind Dabei!

Show your solidarity! Buy a ticket for Berlin’s (non) festival of the year and don’t show up! By buying a ticket, you can help to ensure Berlin’s one-of-a-kind artistic and cultural landscape still exists after the crisis, by providing real support (the (non) festival intends to provide relief packages of € 1,000) to as many artists and culture makers as possible.

Save Anomalie Galerie

The survival of Anomalie Art Club is being challenged by the impacts of coronavirus. Since no one knows how long this period will go on for, the gallery asks for your support.


The 38-headed team behind ACUD MACHT NEU, the independent art and culture space in Mitte, asks for your support!

Still Connected – Online Art Auction 

Weserhalle presents its 5th auction with the open theme; still connected. Artists of Berlin are invited to submit their works and choose the percentage of the final sales for donation to the gallery. These funds will be used to support Weserhalle’s program.

Startnext Corona Hilfsaktion

With this aid campaign Startnext simplifies its guidelines for crowdfunding. This includes a suspension of the all-or-nothing principle; meaning that project starters will no longer only get the money if the funding goal is reached.

Wash your hands, PLEASE!

This campaign supports artists and DJs from the Bar Mysliwska circle. Donations of art have been made, and 50 % of each purchase will go directly back to the artists, 35 % will be distributed to people from Mysliwska’s community and 15 % will go to Seebrü

Club Quarantäne

The aim of Club Quarantäne e.V. is to introduce an artist every day and to support them with 500 Euro. At the end of the project, after the ban on assembly has been lifted, Club Quarantine will organize a festival where a selection of artists will be presented.

Corona-Nothilfe für die parkgalerie berlin

The parkgalerie berlin needs your help to survive the corona crisis and to continue its studio program.

Pandemic Healing Arts – Stipendium

Stipends (500€ in immediate grants) to secure the existence of freelance creatives in Berlin. And the creation of an online gallery and exhibition of art created in this dangerous and precious time.

not cancelled

Not cancelled is a week-long digital art event that takes place in different cities with a program of events and an online exhibition of participating galleries. All artworks presented are available for sale directly via the “inquire” button on the website.

We Need Art

Neue Berliner Räume is inviting Berlin photographers to participate in the Instagram project Stadtschreiber. For each published contribution, a fee of 150 euros will be provided.

Rette deine Lieblingsorte

This non-profit platform allows you to purchase vouchers for pubs and bars, clubs, museums and theaters — which can be redeemed as soon as they reopen and help ensure they continue running in the process.

NOME – Covid-19 Donation

NOME’s gallery artists have generously donated works to benefit the overburdened hospital in Cremona, one of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19 in Italy.

Bier Bier

Through its new delivery service, bier bier is donating 2 EUR per crate of bier to help clubs, event organizers or artists in need.

Know of more that should be added here? Want to start your own and share it? Know of a space in need?

Write to: Subject: ART ACTION BERLIN