Art Events – May 4-10

Maria Malpecki, Manifesto of The New Onirism, Photo: Witek Orski

Published 04th May 2020, Written by juli

Check out our picks for this week’s art events, selected from our own platform and Berlin (a)live. Catch a theater piece, tune-in to a live music performance, join an exhibition finissage, and more — all online!



Open house | for the very first time, the Berlin-based Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) is opening its virtual doors in front of the quarantined crowds: 13 current and past residents will present their ongoing projects as well as reflect on the explosive changes social distancing brought into the art scene, their work and their daily lives in the residency.

DIGITAL OPENHAUS will take place across ZK/U’s different virtual platforms. Going digital not only allows you to merely tune in, but also opens up entirely new ways for you to get in touch with ZK/U residents and to participate in digital storytelling.

When: Thursday, 07.05.2020 to Tuesday, 19.05.2020

Gorki Stream – Mephistoland

Theater | One can lose any hope very quickly if you look at the current state of the political and cultural Europe. Mephistoland is a horror scenario, a vision and yet a reality. Here the artistic director has been replaced and his successor now represents a »healthy, nationalist« culture. Homophobia and anti Semitism and giant statues of saints are being introduced as confessions of faith for a new era. Schizophrenia spreads, directors go crazy, actors change their beings, and the audience locks itself in cages and goes on hunger strike…

By András Dömötör, Kornél Laboda and Albert Benedek | Directed by András Dömötör

When: Wednesday, 06.05.2020 and Thursday, 07.05.2020 at 6pm

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

Local antennas. Photo: T.A.

Online-Finissage – Home: Think Globally, Act Locally

Exhibition | The old saying in the title combines global responsibility with local action. In the place where we are at home, we are strong. The Earth is a complex organism in which cause and effect are not always spatially close to one another. Through our decisions, we as consumers can have a direct influence on the actions of polluters. The exhibition, which can be visited online on the Group Global 3000 website, features works responding to this saying by Tom Albrecht, Matthias Fritsch, Victoria Hohmann, Simon Knab, Claudia Kochsmeier, Diana Pacelli, Rosa Schmidt, Raimon Sibilo, Yoana Tuzharova, and Sven Wieder.

Join the finissage for a Rhenish chant by Tom Albrecht, “Methadone from Grünheide”.

When: Friday, 08.05.2020 at 7pm

Pogo Bar: Maria Malpecki & Tomek Pawłowski Jarmołajew

Performance | online cocktail party with Maria Malpecki, curated by Tomek Pawłowski Jarmołajew, organized by KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Have you ever got lost in your virtual territory? Have you ever felt digital shame? Are you losing touch? Choose the best possible reality. Bring your own drinks and join virtual variety show by Maria Malpecki.

Maria Magdalena Kozlowska and Maria Tobola are visual artists and performers who identify as one artist, Maria Malpecki. She’s a superhero of arts and culture, creating essays at the intersection of theatre, video art, and performance.

When: Thursday, 07.05.2020 at 9pm

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

art events may 4-10

Maria Malpecki, Manifesto of The New Onirism, Photo: Witek Orski

Midweek Spotlight #3 | Leya

Concert | join Oyoun cultural center for a live-streamed music performance by Leya (aka Dj/Producer: $ombi). Leya is a 23 year-old singer, songwriter, Dj & producer straight out of Bonn, currently living in Berlin channeling her creative flows. She is making RnB, trap influenced music with German vocals, which is still a rare thing. In her songs she explores and transcends the human experiences of a soul trapped in the matrix feeling the deep urge to reconnect to the source and expresses with soothing vibes what cannot be expressed with words.

When: Wednesday, 06.05.2020, 7pm – 8pm

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

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