Art Events – April 27-May 3

Image from: Forced Entertainment: End Meeting For All

Published 27th Apr 2020, Written by veronica

Here are this week’s art events, selected from our own platform and on Berlin (a)live. Enjoy performances, exhibitions, concerts, and more – of course, virtually. 


100 Photos – Virtual Exhibition

Exhibition | With the limitations imposed by social distancing, this ‘real-world’ exhibition was postponed until brighter times. Since we have the art and the amazing artists we are hosting a virtual exhibition with a 3D room to show the exhibition. Viewers are able to pre-buy the artworks they love and pick once we host the exhibition.

When: On-going

Forced Entertainment: End Meeting For All

Performance | In response to the current situation with corona lockdown and social distancing, Forced Entertainment is using the Zoom web service for a new piece of work that explores current fears as well as the strange new possibilities of remote connection.

“End Meeting for All” is an online group meeting that not only suffers from technical difficulties, hostilities and misunderstandings, but is also constantly interrupted by children, cats, ghosts, noisy neighbors and the ominous “someone at the door.”

When: Tuesday 28.04.2020, 21:00–23:00

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

Neologic /// Online Exhibition

Exhibition | Neologic (2019/20) is a series of short videos featuring online acronyms as geometric puzzles. The work aims to explore network-based communications with its neologisms by dissecting popular and obscure initialisms found across the internet, presented as abstractions using visual compositions of shapes, patterns, and colours with sound from morse code signal.

When: On-going

Pogo Bar: Haku Sungho & Misantrop “Shifts”

Music Performance | “Shifts” is looking for innovative ways to perform sound. Using the Max / MSP programming language, Haku Sungho and Misantrop each developed unique techniques of musical improvisation.

Haku Sungho is a Korean-Japanese musician and artist, in whose practice instrument making plays a central role. His debut album, soon to be released by Bedouin Records, combines his talent as a singer and guitarist with a penchant for modular synthesizers and recordings of instrumental solos. For “Shifts” Haku will perform with a tool that he developed specifically to reinterpret his album live.

When: Thursday, 30.04.2020, 21:00

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

Death of an Influencer

Interactive Theater | A parody of a classic in the American theatre canon, with a low-level influencer substituted for the traveling salesman. “Influencer” Willa Loman used to be liked, or so she claims. And even though she still has followers, most of them are paid for and may be Russian bots.

And now nothing about her life or her Instagram is what it was supposed to be – exactly how it’s all gone wrong will depend on your suggestions!

When: Saturday, 02.05.2020, 20:56

Event from Berlin (a)live’s platform

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