In the collaborative project, ‘Alter Ego’, photographer Obinna Obioma and architect and illustrator Nafisa Bukar create layered images that explore the duality of identity in the African diaspora.

Artists Obinna Obioma and Nafisa Bukar were both drawn to themes of identity and individuality. Specifically in the contexts of globalization and heritage, as Nigerian nationals living abroad — in the US and Germany, respectively.

Obinna first discovered Nafisa’s work, which paralleled his work and interests, and reach out with the idea to collaborate. As he puts it, “Nafisa and I have a few things in common that propagated our collaboration. We are both Nigerian nationals who have spent a good portion of our formative years abroad. And, through the nature of our locations, we have been fascinated by the topic of dual cultural identity…”

For her part, Nafisa was immediately excited about the prospect of a collaboration that aligned so precisely with her experiences. “I thought the idea would be a means of interpreting a version of reality that I, too — like many other people around the world — was living,” she says.

Alter Ego: Narratives of Fashion - obinna obioma and nafisa bukar
Alter Ego: Narratives of Fashion - obinna obioma and nafisa bukar

“I am a Northern Nigerian living in Berlin. And I feel closely connected to this project, because since moving here, the need to define my own identity has become amplified.” – Nafisa