We very happy to see over 500 artists participating in our open call ‘Alone, Together,’ hosted with Studio Uncoated. On top of the three winners, Curator Josephine de Fijter selected a a few honorable mentions. See them all below.

Honorable Mentions

Alone Together Honorable Mentions

Accelerated Intimacy by Sarah Choo Jing

Josephine de Fijter: “You take us on a journey to the spaces of people confined in their hotel rooms. Almost as ghosts, we enter their space and follow their activity. A unique perspective that fits the moment.”

More works by Sarah Choo Jing.


Zone by Ellina Gennadievna

Josephine de Fijter:”I am mesmerized by the idea of transferring the focus from physical limitation to new and imaginary spaces.”

More works by of Ellina Gennadievna.

Alone Together Honorable Mentions

Teamwork by Michael DeLuca

Josephine de Fijter: “Your work almost does not seem like drawings. Very special how you make the contrast between lightness and the dark apparent.”

More works by Michael DeLuca.

Alone Together Honorable Mentions

Hands protected by latex by Natalia Tcherniak

Josephine de Fijter: “I want to applaud you for designing the latex gloves that currently protect us. You outperform the sterile function of the product by making it human again. I am curious to hear about the depictions you show.”

More works by Natalia Tcherniak.

Human by Fifi Fantôme

Josephine de Fijter: “Incredible how you show the divine of being human. Especially how to stay connected with our body during confinement.”

More works by Fifi Fantôme.

Alone Together Honorable Mentions

DURMIENTES by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Josephine de Fijter: “Strong concept of the beating heart of nature ready to grow and take more space on this earth. It’s almost being hypnotizing how you immerse the viewer into your work.”

More works by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.

Elma by Mimi Kind

Josephine de Fijter: “Your work “Elma” had a certain vulnerability. For me, it felt like the human sensors, exploring their boundaries and possibilities to connect, offered a new type of communication, where we interpret each other on new levels.”

More works by Mimi Kind.

Alone Together Honorable Mentions

Special mention: raumwww by Daniel Hahn and Johannes Mundinger

Josephine de Fijter: “Great, how they give a platform to cancelled exhibitions and events.”

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