ArtConnect is a global community that celebrates and supports arts & culture.


Our Story

-> 10 years ago, ArtConnect began as a local Berlin art blog, focused on helping new artists navigate the art world and meet new people in Berlin.

-> Today, ArtConnect is one of the world’s largest online communities of art lovers and art professionals. A place to connect with other artists, collectors, curators and galleries.

-> We envision a space where artists are able to build their own online fan base, as a way to shift the power balance from the “ gatekeepers” to the creators.


Our mission is to democratize the art world.


By putting the power in the hands of the artists, we will remove the high barrier of entry, to allow the art world to become a more accessible, inclusive and engaging place for newcomers and veterans alike.

Be part of a community that is purpose-built to empower artists. If we can work together, we can create a new community of art culture that will help everyone understand the essential contribution that the arts make to our lives.


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