Jessica Angela O'Neill ( aka JABO)
Jessica Angela O'Neill ( aka JABO)Artist ·
Saturating and Sinking Deeper
A self-portrait, titled 'Saturating and Sinking Deeper', from the series CALAMITIES- PLASTIC & FAUNA. 33.1 x 46.8" Archival Digital C Type Print Dibond Mount+ S/Frame 15mm sub frame CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA was JABO's response to the headlines surrounding the severity of the Microplastic problem that we are all currently living. The headline that vehemently took O'Neill's mind - 'Microplastic's have become discoverable in Human Organs'. Throughout the U.K. Lockdown she became relentless with materials and produced a body of work that contains photographs, sculpture and an oral poetic performance. When combined, CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA engages with and stimulates emotional response in the viewer by combining a contradiction of jarring, self-portraits and beautiful sea fauna cyanotypes. In order to elicit the disruptive symbiosis between the manmade material, sea fauna and the human - leaning on aesthetic attraction and haptic/ bodily experiences of the viewer to spotlight the severity of the Microplastic problem.
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