Transart Institute

Transart Institute is a space for experimentation and thinking in any form; for sharing and connecting; and offering practice-led graduate programmes in a low-residency model. We champion self-directed, curious, flexible and socially engaged creative researchers working independently and/or collectively.

Our border-free model and reputation attract a diverse international body of students and advisors from equally diverse artistic and academic contexts and geographic locations as part of a global, trans-disciplinary research community; creating opportunities to expand, enhance and sustain individual and collective practices in the world, beyond the walls of the academy.

We support research in areas including: international diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; exiled states; peace and mediation; memory; home, nostalgia and the uncanny; language and experimental pedagogies; space, publicness & temporary architecture; foreignness, otherness; interstices, liminal states and the space in between.

The independent Transart Institute was founded and is operated entirely by artists since 2004.

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