Jose Restrepo

The Gaussian distribution (Aka: Bleakheat/Jose Restrepo) is a music producer, composer and DJ.

Coming from an avant-garde artistic background spanning more than 10 years of sonic experimentation, the electronic music underground has provided an environmental bootstrap for this artist that avoids to be restrained by a niche or an aesthetic formula. The producer's approach relies on the textures of musique concrete, scientific literature and acousmatic reproduction to create dance floor landscapes that resonate with contemporary architecture, aiming at evoking fresh feelings and ideas.

José Restrepo es un Dj Barranquillero de música electrónica con preferencia por sonidos percusivos abstractos y texturas tanto orgánicas como maquinales en sus mezclas.

Habiendo fichado en distintos sellos con su proyecto 'Bleakheat', produce su propia discografía de Minimal desde el año 2019 como ‘The Gaussian distribution’.

# compositionmusic productiondjingscience