PILOTENKUECHE // international art program

The project 'PILOTENKUECHE' supports artists and is an international artist-run residence with an art program based in Leipzig, Germany. Hidden in an old romantic factory, the independent project is organized by artists for artists. The team operates with a trans-disciplinary background between art, theory & diverse sciences. The goal is to provide artists with a base to work from, and acts as a conduit to the local art scene. The program invites selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m² communally used, fully remodeled space for an period of three months, with 24 hour studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend, provided by 'PILOTENKUECHE'. During the programmed events the studio becomes our exhibition space. Our concept strives to create a communal space for experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater Leipzig community. The PILOTENKUECHE philosophy is focused on an interest of exchange through group dynamics, experimental strategies and trans-disciplinary ethos. The kinetic dialogue in a group of artists influences each to experiment in their art, ideas, approaches and methods. Pilotenkueche wishes to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something as a group, and moreover, in experimenting with new forms of cooperation which are vital in fostering an independent position in one's work.

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