Patxi Xabier Lezama Perier

Patxi Xabier Lezama Perier is part of the generation of Basque sculptors who were born and raised with the magic of mythology. The work of this artist in the context of mythological culture is the singular visionary sculptor who beats between the obstinate Basque energy. Endowed with creative personality reminds us of our primitive origins. Fruit of personal maturity is surrounded by pagan inspiration. Sensitive to a non-conformist aesthetic trajectory, the Basque sculptor promulgates in his production a regulation of vitality, driven by the beliefs of the place that Zalla was born. A town known especially for its mythology where superstitions were widespread in malignant supernatural beings, sorcerers and witchcraft, so the natives of Zalla are called "warlocks". The primal basic matrix vibrated in the most intimate entrails of this artist who has been trying to make Basque mythology known for many years, transmitting and solving, as well as providing semblance to this type of subversive imaginary underground world, assuming value systems that go beyond beyond the visual, from a historical and cultural perspective of an ancient mythology legacy of the past that transmits to future generations.

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