Monica Carvalho

My name is Monica Carvalho and I am passionate about creating pictures that make you question the reality around you.

I'm a Swiss-born digital artist based in Berlin since 2016. I’ve been obsessed with the imaginary, the illusion and dreams since I came across the surreal paintings of René Magritte as a kid. I chose Adobe Photoshop as the canvas where I would express myself artistically, because of the endless photo-editing possibilities it offers. Out of photos from my own portfolio, I set myself the challenge to come up with ‘photomontages’: atypical combinations of images to generate a whole new reality, a new world. A world without rules where people swim in giant tablespoons and iron buildings become candles. The world of my imagination.

My work contains a lot of 'bodyscapes'. I enjoy combining human body parts with landscapes because I perceive the human body itself as a landscape. Stomachs are warm like sand, eyelashes resemble trees, lips are hilly like mountains. As Edgar Degas said, “art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
These digital collages are escapes from reality, little moments of surprise and fun, brain glitches with the intention to make you double-take.

I have now over 56k followers on Instagram, executed commission work for companies such as Samsung, and have been offered numerous exhibitions in Berlin.

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