Mushtaq Bhat

Born (1952) in Kashmir, India, came to Berlin in 1977 to study social sciences after having graduated in Physics and Chemistry and having finished a post graduate Diploma in Journalism in India. However to finance my living and studying. as I had no other means, pursued a part time job with Pan Am Airways in Berlin and barely managed to finish a Grundstudium at Free University Berlin in Ethnologie, Vergleichende Sprach- and Religionswissenschaften and a field research assignment in Tanzania, Africa. I later worked part time also for Lufthansa and GGB till early retirement in 2016. During my field research however I discovered I was equally interested in reinterpreting what I saw literally and visually rather than algebraically _ at that time structuralism was rather trendy.
Parallel to may graduation in science in India, I had been attending evening classes at the Academy of Arts in Kashmir (portraits, painting, lino-cut, sculpture) and in Berlin I had also been honing my skills (etching, ceramic, etc.) by taking part in many courses. So after returning from Africa I followed the old passion and have been working in this field ever since. In 2016 I had my first gallery exhibition at the prodding of my friends in Berlin, who organized and managed it here. In fact it have been my friends who got my first catalog printed and have been a constant source of encouragement and support. This is indeed is one of the significant facts why I cherish living here in Berlin.

# visual arts