Foundation for Public Space Research TU

Our organization was founded in 2011 as a part of the Institute for Public Space Research, based at the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy. Since 2014 we work independently. The foundation was created to examine the issue of urban space, more broadly – the public space of our cities.

As founders of the foundation we perceive the public space first of all as a shared space, therefore through our activities we want to bring together people from different backgrounds – Polish and international: artists, activists, curators, researchers, representatives of public administration, business, NGO’s, who all perceive urban issues from various perspectives. We want to be become a place for exchange of knowledge and experience, that can be used both in research and in practice. Locally and internationally.

Our main field of interests is the role of cultural and creative capital in shaping the urban/public space of our cities, as well as various models of artistic and cultural institutions/ organisations/ projects, activities of which change the space around us – common public space.

In the first stage we want to work on the development of Polish-German cooperation, in particular between two partner cities: Warsaw and Berlin.

ONGOING PROJECT: Warsaw | Berlin (WRSW | BRLN) residency program

In 2016, the jubilee year of the partnership between Warsaw and Berlin, the exchange program will be dedicated to internet art and new media.

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