Veronica Maximova

Veronica Maximova is a Belgian/Russian performing artist, producer, and composer, who, after leaving Moscow at a young age, arrived in Ghent, Belgium, and then Berlin, Germany in 2014, where she decided to focus her energy on writing and releasing music. Four years later, she self-released her first EP, Mirror Me, on digital formats, followed by the synthwave EP New World Being, made in collaboration with her band project, Sönder. Contrast is a primary theme to Veronica’s music—she aims to strike a balance between light and dark, optimism and pessimism, human and machine, revolution and peace. Often dreamy vocals and obscure spoken word sit on a backdrop of synthetic and acoustic sounds, "painting vivid memoirs" of her childhood in Moscow,". Her debut album »Computerlove« is curated by the Berlin VOITAX label and sets the scene for a broader vision for the VOITAX label, while also establishing Veronica as a fresh and important artistic voice on the VOITAX roster.

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