Browzan (Christopher Brown)

Director, Film and Video.

Browzan, aka Christopher Brown was born in Brighton, England 1988. In 2007 he moved to London to study Film and Television production. He is of English, Irish & Austrian decent.

After graduating he interned at a major production company, then subsequently put together a string of short films - one premiering at Cannes Film Festival 2011 and another at BFI London Film Festival 2013.

In 2015 Browzan moved into music videos, working wth lo-fi Parisien punk bands, premiering his work with VICE. This lead him to work with legendary cult band Brian Jonestown Massacre. His video 'Pish' screened on music channels around the world, including MTV Germany.

In 2016 Browzan moved to Berlin after 9 years in London to pursue his interest in visual arts and Arthouse Cinema. Browzan is looking to eventually direct feature films, having penned several screenplays.

He draws inspiration from music, still photography, European Cinema, poetry, surrealism, dada, the avant garde and American Cinema (esp. New Wave).

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