I am a multi-disciplinary artist that explores and works with Eastern Philosophy, Eastern Aesthetics, Psychology, Sociology and Political themes. I hold dual citizenships from both Taiwan and Singapore. With the privilege of being based in two distinct countries, this gives me a unique opportunity to experience lives in both cultures.

With a diploma in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore), I have in store an arsenal of experience in various projects and events. One such example would be the 2015 “Singapore Nightscape 2050” led by Kaoru Mende, CEO of Lighting Planners Associates (LPA). The event was collaborated among countries including Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore for the selected participants to discuss and create a future nightscape of 2050. In 2016, I received a full scholarship from Lasalle. For my final year 2017 in Lasalle, his self-proposal project won the Dr. Winston Oh Travel Award and was sponsored to travel to Lhasa, Tibet, in execution of his research.

My works have been exhibited internationally in London, Kyoto, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Rovereto (Italy), Singapore and Taichung (Taiwan). Based mainly in Singapore, I have exhibited at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Art Stage Singapore. They are also among prized collections of collectors like the Deputy CEO of Mediacorp, Singapore Fashion Director; Jeremy Tan, Pan Xin Construction Company Taiwan, and a myriad of galleries and private collectors worldwide.

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