Jasmin Kaarne

I am a 25y old young woman from Finland. I have travelled pretty much in the past six years. On all my official works I've received plenty of positive feedback. I'm a responsible worker who makes sure all their duties get done as contracted. I do enjoy work as a normal part of personal activity and taking apart of communitical duties. It is very important for me to have a fair share of but the benefits also the charges.

# art nude modellingvegan cookingvegan bakingcustomer servicegardeningcommon sensesimpulsitivityrepairing clothesdraving scaled versions of sewing patternssewing toyssewing clothesknittingphoto editing (with gimp)painting wallspainting furnituresbuilding shelvesmaking pdf-documentstaking care of housepets suchas catsdogsbirdsrabbits and rhodentsnannying kidsindependencystaying basic fit

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