Alaric Hobbs

In 2011, I gained a degree in Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, it took me a year to make any art, thus realising how the education system can destroy passion. I was poor and depressed and thought about what used to make me happy: drawing. Pencil and paper are practically free and so it continued back to one thing: geometry.

Throughout my sculptural and two-dimensional work I noticed how geometry was subconsciously evident.

Combining the geometric knowledge I gained at University with various influential illustrative styles, I aim to portray a number of illustrations in geometric forms that have been influenced from something I find fascinating in the world, such as tribal symbols, ancient alphabets, symbols of belief and the beauty of the natural world. After all, sharing is caring.

The more natural illustration I create was inspired from roots, rivers, brain coral, woodgrain, lightning and thunder.

Personally, I don't just feel art should look pretty, it should influence too.