Studio Motion is an international school of dance located in the heart of Berlin that offers a rich program of courses in many languages for children, teenagers, mothers with children, single ladies and pairs.
Our goal is to develop body and mind through dancing, physical exercises and creativity training.
Both, beginners and professional dancers will find something in our offer.

Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tango, Creative Movement, Professional Training Contemporary Dance, Movement Research and Improvisation

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Instagram Screen Memories by Veronica Los Santos. "Sigmund Freud called “screen memories“ a particular kind of childhood memories. He distinguished between apparently indifferent and circumstantial childhood memories, and those which he identified as striking, important and emotionally relevant. In this process, the latter are veiled by those less significant memories, and according to Freud, this effect can be attributed to a resistance in the conscious reproduction of memories. This can lead to mistakes and falsification of those recalls." #photography #berlin #art @veronica_losantos any more works to upload? We'd love to discover your art better on!