Born in Altamura, in the south of Italy in 1989; at twenty years old I moved to Paris to study history of art and to begin my career as an artist. Paris makes a person feel a part of the whole world because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Always having been interested in arts I experimented in theater as an actor and director. In addition, I experimented with video art, painting, photography, and performance art. I have always thought of human beings as being a small part of an infinite universe but who can always be seen as a complete individual.

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Instagram Discover Frank Höhne's work and see how he uses the new Huawei MediaPadM2. Seems like a quite handy thing to use for #illustrators. ‪#‎Huawei‬ ‪#‎MediaPadM2‬ Thanks @ignant for the pictures and video! #berlin #art #design # MediaPad