Saana Inari

Saana Inari (born 1983 in Eura, Finland) works with multimedia installations, video art, animation, illustration, performance and photography – often combining several techniques simultaneously.

Her work is dreamlike, drawing strong and continuous inspiration from movement and anatomy. She often incorporates animal figures into her work as metaphors for human feelings and states of being.

Using emptiness as a space for thought, she thinks that a sense of poetry arises from leaving things unfinished and subtly surreal. In live installations, she aims at a direct physical and emotional affect on the viewer.

Her work has been presented on several international exhibitions and festivals, for example in competition of Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Melbourne and Helsinki.

She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki with an MA in media arts and sculpture. She lives and works in Berlin.

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Instagram Graveyard Project / Mausoleum Sculpture N0.5 by Galvin Harrisson "Every stack must fit in its space, only given the same room as all the other stacks. Yet there are differences in the amount of materials, the opportunities given in a short or long lifetime. Some materials are used in a well ­planned manner, almost implying a spiritual enlightenment. Others are stacked in a chaotic way, seemingly not given enough time and passion to create something loveable or at least sympathetic. There is room for desire and ambition, justice and injustice, anger and bliss, tragedy and joy, and though we are not all given the same amount of resources, we can try to make the best we can of what we have in the period of time that we are given." #art #berlin #sculpture