Bea Kiefer

Make up, Haare, Kostüm, Art Direction
Rumänische rohmasse, durchgeknetet in Deutschland und veredelt in New York. Leidenschaftlich, tüchtig, schnell und improvisierend verwandelt sie scheinbar unmögliches in all-mögliches.

Make Up, Hair, Styling, Art Direction
She is the romanian raw mixture having been kneaded in Germany and refined in New York. Passion, efficiency ,speed and improvisational talent, those are her skills which turn impossible into all-possible.

# make-up artist & hairstylist



Instagram Visual artist Jenny Keuter (@JennyKeuter) not only creates spacial explorations through fine colorful strings but also fascinates with her striking multilayered screen prints. In each of her works the structures and feel of lines is visible ✖️Have a closer look at her screen #prints that can be found on ✖️ #jennykeuter #contemporaryart #screenprints #paper #printing